Operating conditions

Welcome to MAIT!

These Terms of Service apply to your use of MAIT as a user and to the features, applications, services, technologies and software we offer ("Products"), unless we expressly state that separate terms and conditions (and not these) apply. The operator of MAIT is the MAITREJA Association.


1. Our services

Our goal is to enable people to feel together and perceive each other and to move towards a world full of understanding and comprehension. To do this we use the following services:

We provide an environment for publishing your articles, stories, photos, projects, groups, events, comments, advertisements:

Reports on the home page, in Projects, Events, Groups, Blogs and Lifetime legacy may be different from the views that are seen by other users. This is because we evaluate what you like best from your settings and choices in your profile, as well as from the likes, ratings, and comments you give to other posts. If you want to change or delete what the system records about you, you can do so simply in the settings. By this you simply affect what you want and do not want to see.

We recommend interesting Projects, Groups, Events:

Because we want to connect you with other like-minded people, we show you other similar Projects, Groups, Events in your profile that could broaden your horizons and help you find more friends. These recommendations are displayed in a different color and with a black and white photo.

We allow you to communicate with others and express your feelings:

In MAIT you can send messages to friends, write your own blog, create projects, groups and events and also invite your friends to them. You can also add photos to your profile and share your life experiences and stories. In the Lifetime legacy section, you can share your experience, your life know-how and leave your lifetime legacy behind to the world.

We protect a safe environment:

MAIT is above all a space where you can feel safe. We use a variety of methods to determine when someone behaves aggressively, is attacking others, is spreading hatred or abusing our products. When we become aware of such conduct, we remove the content, block the use of abused features, and also work with the appropriate authorities if needed.

Work with advertising:

In MAIT you will not find commercial advertising that we would insert as targeted content. At the same time, we do not need to use your data, which you entrust to us, in order to make money on it. So MAIT is an ad-free environment where your data are sacred to us.


2. Principles of data processing and use

In order to provide the above-mentioned services, we store your data. You can find out exactly how this happens, how we handle data, how we store it in our Privacy Policy. At the same time, you can influence some of this data by setting up your profile correctly.

If you use our MAIT Chat app and agree to use your phone's contact list, then: The MAIT Chat application collects data from the contact list and sends it to https://mait.me to verify which people in the contact list already have an account. Sending occurs every time the application is opened. This allows you to start a conversation with these users straight away without having to invite them to use MAIT Chat. We do not store the submitted list of phone numbers on https://mait.me.


3. Your Commitments to Us and Our Community

In order to manage our goals and also keep MAIT's environment safe, we need you to adhere to the following:

1. For whom is Maiteja

MAIT is built on mutual trust. Therefore, using some features requires that you fill in the information correctly, for the following reasons:

  • Use the same name as in everyday life. Specifying a real name is a condition for using some MAIT functions.
  • Enter your real address if you want to start your own Project or sell products and services.
  • Create only one account so you do not make other users confused.

You can only use MAIT products if:

  • You are over 13 years old.
  • We have not blocked your account in the past due to a violation of our Terms of Service or Policy.
  • You use MAIT products and services only in accordance with the law.

2. What MAIT is for

In order to keep the space in MAIT safe, we also need your cooperation. Only thanks to that we will all feel comfortable and safe here. It is therefore not allowed to share and publish anything:

  • what is contrary to those conditions or any other provisions of MAIT;
  • what is misleading, illegal, discriminatory or fraudulent;
  • which violates the rights of others.

You may not insert and upload viruses or malicious code or perform anything that could overload, disable, block or otherwise interfere with the proper functioning or appearance of MAIT and our services and products.

You may not collect data from our products by automated means, or use the system in this way, or attempt to access data to which you do not have permission.

If your content violates any of these terms, we may remove it, hide it, and take action against your account if necessary. The account may also be suspended in the event of repeated violations of any of the rights of others. You may be notified of the removal of content if it is technically, legally and temporally possible.

If you feel that another user of MAIT is infringing your rights, please report them to help keep your space secure.

3. Permissions you grant to MAIT

In order to provide our services in accordance with the law, we need the following permissions from you:

Permissions to use the content you have created and shared: What you have created in the MAIT space always remains your intellectual property. You decide what content to share, publish and send to other users. However, in order to perform this activity, we need your permission to use your content. By posting, uploading, sharing your content (subject to intellectual property rights - such as photos, videos, texts) in connection with our products you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, free and worldwide license to store, use, distribute, modify, launch, copy , hosting, publicly exhibiting or performing and creating derivative works of your content. In practice, this means that in order to be able to save, for example, the photo you have entered, you give us your consent so that we can save it on the server, hosting, at our service providers and display it in our MAIT environment. To terminate this license, please remove your work. For technical reasons, the content may remain backed up by us for a short time, even if other users no longer can see it, before it is physically removed.

Permission to use your name, profile pictures and profile data to display within MAIT.

If you use our MAIT Chat app and agree to use your phone's contact list, then: The MAIT Chat application collects data from the contact list and sends it to https://mait.me to verify which people in the contact list already have an account. Sending occurs every time the application is opened. This allows you to start a conversation with these users straight away without having to invite them to use MAIT Chat. We do not store the submitted list of phone numbers on https://mait.me.

4. Restrictions on Use of Our Intellectual Property

To modify and use our design is possible with prior written consent. To copy, decompile, modify, create derivatives or attempt to extract our source code, you must have our written consent or permission under an open source license.


4. Other arrangements

1. Updating our operating conditions

We strive to constantly improve MAIT's services, and this is sometimes reflected in adjustments to these operating conditions. Unless otherwise required by law, we will always inform you by email at least 30 days before making changes to the operating conditions. You have the opportunity to decide whether you agree with them and remain members of MAIT. By using MAIT after the date on which the new terms come into force, you agree to these terms. If you do not agree with the terms, you can delete your account.

2. Suspending or terminating / deleting account

MAIT should be a safe place where people are not afraid to open up and share their feelings and lives. Therefore, if we find that you have demonstrably or repeatedly violated our Terms of Service or our other policies, we may suspend or block your account. We may also suspend or disable an account if required by law. We will notify you of these steps the next time you try to sign in or use your account. This will also provide you with information on how to proceed if you consider the blocking or suspension to be unauthorized or that you believe it has been blocked in error. If you delete the account yourself or block it, these terms and conditions also cease to apply, but the Section 4 agreement remains in effect.

You can delete your account yourself in your profile settings. Deleting your account will make it inaccessible to other users and will remove all data from your profile within 1 month. The time between deleting your account and removing the data is to allow for the possibility that you accidentally deleted your account, or someone else gained control of it and you wanted to take that step back.

3. Limitation of Liability

Despite all efforts to ensure that we provide our services and products safely and without interruption, it may sometimes happen that MAIT will not be available or without shortcomings. If we have acted with care and reasonable effort, we do not accept liability for losses not caused by our violation of these operating conditions or other actions, losses that cannot be foreseen by you or us at the time of agreeing to these conditions, inappropriate, obscene, illegal, offensive or otherwise unacceptable content posted by someone else in an area beyond our control and for events beyond our reasonable control.

4. Dispute resolution

We define clear and as transparent rules as possible in order to reduce the number of disputes or to avoid them altogether. However, when a dispute arises, it may be useful to know how to resolve it. If you are a MAIT user residing in a Member State of the European Union, the laws of that Member State will apply to the resolution. You then resolve your claim in any competent court that has the appropriate jurisdiction. For all other cases, you agree that claims must be resolved in a competent court in the Czech Republic and that these terms and conditions and all claims will be governed by the laws of the Czech Republic, except for specific conflict of law provisions.

5. Other

These operating conditions represent a complete agreement between you and the Křižovatka Foundation, the administrator of the MAIT project regarding your use of our products and services. They replace all previous contractual arrangements.

Should any part of these operating conditions become unenforceable, the other parts shall remain in full force and effect. Failure to exercise rights under any part of these Terms and Conditions will not constitute a waiver of such rights. Any additions or waivers relating to these operating conditions must be made in writing and signed by us.

You will not assign any of your rights or obligations under these Terms and Conditions to another person without our consent.

In the event of death or incapacity, you may designate an authorized contact person to manage your account. Only the contact person or person you have specified in this way in a valid will or other document expressing your express consent to the accessibility and management of your content may request access to your account in the event of death or incapacity.

These operating conditions do not provide any rights for authorized third parties. All our rights and obligations arising from these operating conditions are fully transferable in the event of a merger, acquisition or transfer of assets or in other cases where it is transferred by law or otherwise.

Keep in mind that in some situations (for example, if another person claims a username and it turns out it's not related to a name you use in your private life), we may change your username.

Valid from 1.10.2023